West Nile virus prompts new American Mosquito Control Association program

Any resident in the your area could be that One person infected by West Nile virus (WNV).    This threat has prompted the American Mosquito Control Association to develop an important program — “I’m One” — with the overarching goal of creating and sustaining awareness of the danger of WNV.   The program highlights the importance of community collaboration to reduce the threat of mosquito-borne disease.   By working together, your community can enhance mosquito control, personal protection, and prevention to improve the public health in the community.

It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to raise concern and threaten the community’s public health.  But through education and awareness programs, like the “I’m One” Program, your community can help protect and prevent WNV.   Several of the mosquito species that transmit WNV are short-range flyers, which means that most of these mosquitoes could be from your own backyard or a neighboring property.   To protect and prevent WNV, your community must collectively work to eliminate larval development sites, treat standing water, or begin a spraying program to reduce mosquito populations.   This is an excellent opportunity for communities to band together and win the war on mosquitoes.   The “I’m One” Program helps bring together WNV survivors to unify their voices and foster a central rallying cry around prevention of this disease.  The program includes a television public service announcement (PSA) with WNV survivors who know firsthand about the devastating effects of the disease. 

  Dr. Don Read, a physician and WNV survivor, supports the “I’m One” Program.   He said, “It’s important to have a forum to spread our message about mosquito control, personal protection, and prevention.   This is a very dangerous disease, and people need to do what they can to prevent it.”

How YOU Can Help

The American Mosquito Control Association has developed the I’m One Program Outreach Guide to help you to spread the word in your own community about mosquito control, prevention, and protection.

Mosquito Swarms Ahead!

Swarms of Mosquitoes Predicted For The Season

Pest control businesses say they’re already seeing the signs of a heavy mosquito season Photo Credit: AP


Here is an article seen on WSPA 7′s website about just how bad the mosquito season is going to be this year. Watch the videos for  more information.

Published: March 22, 2012


Pest control businesses say they’re already seeing the signs.

“We’ve been really busy,” said Ray Tallon with Mosquito Free Yards. “The phone’s been ringing for a couple of weeks now.”

His spraying company usually picks up April, but this year the bug boom is sooner than expected.

“That’s when the phone really starts to ring, but this year it started to ring a month early,” said Tallon.

And according to Tallon, a mild winter is causing of an early mosquito season.

“With the light winter season we had this year, mosquitoes will probably be worse because we really didn’t have any that could possibly die off,” said Tallon.

7 On Your Side checked with the Clemson Cooperative Extension Office in Spartanburg to see if a warm winter would bring a mass of mosquitoes.

“A lot of the adults over winter weren’t killed off for the fall or sustained cold,” said George Dickert with the Extension Office. “That means we have a lot of active adults right now.”

And those active adults are either biting or breeding.

“They like still water,” said Dickert. “They have to have water for the larvae to develop in.”

So what can you do to protect yourself from all these mosquitoes? George Dickert says the answers are in your own backyard.

“People need to think about everything that can possibly hold water around your home. Things like bird baths that are stagnant, puddles that stick around for a long time,” said Dickert.

He also says now is the perfect time to clean out drains and dirty gutters that could lead to standing water and those pesky bugs.

With mosquitoes already out 7 on your side also learned of other ways to protect yourself.

If you use bug spray, make sure it has Deet in it. Also, avoid being out at dusk, the worse time for bugs. And wear dark clothing, long sleeves and pants.

(End of Article)

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Mosquito Rain Alert

The song “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” takes on a completely new significance when it comes to mosquitoes.   Rainy Days Mean More Mosquitoes
According to the March/April 2012 Science Magazine, some mosquitoes and other small insects are capable of “dancing” through the air between raindrops during a light rain.   Heavy rains are a different story.   If insects haven’t sought shelter, raindrops will typically knock them to the ground.
Have your Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles ready because after a rain, mosquitoes that have survived the downpour will be ready to find you once they have toweled off.

Warm winter could mean bad summer for mosquitoes

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) – The mild winter has been great for folks who don’t look forward to being cooped up inside. But the warm temperatures could be setting the stage for more mosquitoes in the summer.

“With all the rainfall we’ve had, it’s keeping everything moist and it’s not really drying out.    So if it stays like that in the spring, I would imagine that mosquitoes are going to be a little worse this year,” says Randy Peck of Mosquito Squad based in Matthews.    Peck says the lack of deep freezes and plenty of moisture could make for a problem.

Mosquitoes and their eggs are typically killed during extended periods of freezing weather.    So far, the Charlotte area hasn’t had many days where the temperature falls below 30 degrees.

Peck suggests getting started now to help curb what could become a problem.    He suggests turning over any items that are holding standing water outside your home.   Even tiny amounts could mean a ripe breeding ground for the biting bugs.

A female mosquito can lay as many as 400 eggs in just a teaspoon of water.

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Let It Snow….Let It Snow ….Let It Snow

Many parts of the country are expecting snow this weekend.   Don’t get caught in the storm.

Before the storm hits:

  • Clear rain gutters and repair roof leaks in order to avoid clogging and flooding.
  • Cut away tree branches that could fall on a house or other structure during a storm.

Be Prepared:

  • A shovel –  Even if you live in an apartment you should own a shovel as you may need to dig yourself out before your ground crew gets in, and they are unlikely to dig out your car.
  • Flashlights –  Make sure you have good quality flashlights  with fresh batteries.   Consider a  “Self Powered Flashlights” and “Self Powered Radios”. Some models will also charge your cell phone.
  • Food –  Make sure you have enough non-perishable food to last a few days.
  • A Can Opener –  Make sure you have an old fashioned manual can opener
  • Blankets and Warm Clothing-  You may need enough blankets to keep you warm without any heat
  • Barbeque Grill-   Your stove may have natural gas, but it probably has an electrical ignition.   Make sure your outdoor BBQ grill has enough propane for an emergency
  • Matches to light your candles-   Do not rely on lighters that can run out of fuel or break down all too easily.

Remember, no matter how cold it gets outside, warm weather is just around the corner. Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles are the most effective, natural deterrents to mosquitoes.   These mosquito candles are elegant and smell great.   Ask for them at your local Retailer or buy these natural repellents on our  Products page.

Make The Day Count~!

Zombie Mosquitoes

CBS recently reported on the thriving Mosquito community in New York.   Those pesky, disease carrying insects are putting down roots and homesteading the New York sewer system.    For an insect that thrives in warm wet environments, the sewer system in New York is a paradise. The mosquitoes come up through the cracks in the streets as well as subways, basements, and then through air-vents.   This breed of mosquito is extra blood thirsty; they prefer the shadows of nightfall and are active year round.

Typically the 311 call center stops taking calls on Mosquitoes October 31st; this has presented a serious problem for local residents battling the insects.   It has even been suggested that many families who think they are plagued by bedbugs are actually victims of these resilient and resourceful mosquitoes.

You can safeguard your home by covering all open vents with black mesh and consider sleeping inside a black mesh netting over your bed.

Mosquitoes are no longer a seasonal problem, and Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellents are more than a seasonal solution.   Remember to keep your family and friends safe.   Keep your Bite-Lite® natural repellents handy.   Remember to light them up 20 minutes before you need them.    Our candles are available at local Retailers and on our Products page.

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Worst Mosquito Season Drags On

WINK TV, Lee County FL, has reported the worst Mosquito season in 20 years.

Lee-County, FL-  Standing water from recent tropical storms provides the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.   At a time of the year when mosquito populations should be dwindling, Lee County, Florida is having an unprecedented boom in the mosquito population.

Mosquito Control usually gets 3,000 to 5,000 calls a year from people, asking for help with spraying mosquitoes.   This year there have been almost 10,000 calls.

Additionally the ditches on the side of the road, used for roadway run-off, are pools of standing water.   It’s a big neon sign for mosquitoes that says come party with us.

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Make The Day Count~!

Happy Hour for Mosquitoes

So many things in life are acquired tastes with personal preferences.   It seems mosquitoes are no different.

The IRD Research Centre in France recently held a closed environment study in Burkina Faso, Africa to define mosquito determining factors.   Half of the participants in the study were given water to drink and the other half beer.   Beer consumption on the part of the participants consistently increased their attractiveness to mosquitoes.

While it was determined that the change in breath may have been a factor, it was also noted that it could be learned behavior, since a host under the influence may have slower reflexes.   Bottom-line, if you’ve had a few beers, you are less likely to swat at a pesky mosquito!

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