Bite-Lite’s Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles Have a New Look

Bite-Lite celebrates spring with new labels!  We hope you will like our new look as retailers begin to replenish their old stock with our new inventory containing brand new labels on our U.S. made Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle products.    

While the outside may look different, and we think better, the inside remains the same.  Our proprietary Cloak and Scatter® technology is still what makes our natural mosquito repellent candles unique with a formula that is nearly three times better than standard citronella candles.  Our active ingredients of natural lemongrass and spearmint oils are still blended in premium soy wax.  The wicks are still lead free cotton.  And for those who like to hear it,  our natural mosquito repellent candles are DEET free.

For those of you who are fans of our natural repellent Votives and Luminaries made in China and will want replenishments this summer, please note that our stock is very limited and that once we are sold out, we will not be producing these candle styles in the near future.  Don’t wait too long to purchase at your local retailer or purchase online!


2016 New Mini Jar Case Label


2016 New Pint Jar Label


2016 New Tin Labels

Bite-Lite Supports Charity for Autism by Offering a Fragrant New Perfume as an Holiday Idea

For something completely different, Bite-Lite has a special attractant to offer- for humans this time!  To our customers and buyers alike who are looking for a special holiday gift or store item, we have the perfect fragrance to introduce.   

In a unique collaboration, our parent company Bedoukian Research, Inc., who created the fragrant formula in our Bite-Lite Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles, partnered with a famous international fragrance house and a New York ad agency to develop a new perfume called  Ardent Rose Eau de Parfum.  

Just launched, Ardent Rose was developed for Roses for Autism — a Connecticut based non-profit organization that provides scholarships, career training, and job opportunities for individuals with autism.    The perfume has a captivating and sparkling fresh floral scent that is infused with Rose Absolute and White Amber to convey an intriguing and sensuous statement.   The fragrance will indulge the senses with the sprinkling of delicate and dewy floral petals of Magnolia and Geranium plus a passionate and warm blend of Sandalwood and Musk.  

Most importantly, the fragrance’s essence captures the legacy of the non-profit’s first initiative for job training of young adults between 16 to 25 years old – – the growing and selling of beautiful heirloom roses in the historic rose greenhouses in Guilford, Connecticut. 

Ardent Rose comes in a beautiful spray bottle consisting of 1.7 fl. oz.   The retail cost is $60 each, and can be purchased directly by going to   Wholesale pricing is also available and buyers can email [email protected] for details.   All proceeds will support the social enterprise programs for young adults with autism.     

Click the link below to order Ardent Rose as a holiday gift for someone special or yourself, and to learn more about this wonderful new fragrance and non-profit cause.


 Buy Ardent Rose Today!

Roses for Autism is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to foster meaningful training and employment for young adults with autism.  In the United States, Autism Spectrum Differences are diagnosed in 1 in 68 children.   The unemployment and underemployment rate is nearly 90% for transition age students.  

Mosquito Awareness Week Theme is Buzz-Off!

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week is an annual weekly event that Bite-Lite®
endorses each year, and has reported on previously in these News pages around the same time of year.   This year’s event runs June 20-26, 2021.     We are still waiting on this year’s theme by the American Mosquito Control Association (“AMCA”), who promotes the event.  A previous theme was to tell Mosquitoes to “buzz off. 

To promulgate this advice throughout the summer season, when mosquitoes are biting, and either causing irritation or disease, remember to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.  You can follow the AMCA’s three D’s:  Drain, Dress, and Defend:

Drain: Empty out water containers at least once a week.

Dress: Wear long sleeves, long pants, and light colored, loose fitting clothing.

Defend: Properly apply approved repellents such as DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon-eucalyptus.

For candle ambience at your favorite outdoor event, don’t forget to bring your Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles!

For more information about the AMCA, please go to:  

Two New USA Made Mosquito Candles!

Bite-Lite® is excited to announce that it has manufactured two new U.S.A. made natural mosquito repellent candles to add to its fragrant, effective, and stylish collection.   In addition to its first U.S.A. made premium soy Tin last year, Bite-Lite® adds a new  premium soy Pint Jar and a  premium soy Mini Jar (4 pack).   The Pint Jars burn up to 60 hours each, and the Mini Jars burn up to 10 hours each.   Both come in glass containers.   Unlike regular citronella candles, our natural mosquito repellent candles repel without smoke or soot.

Find your favorite local Retailer or shop now for Pint Jars and Mini Jars

Bite-Lite Supports Mosquito Control Awareness Week

From June 23rd to 29th,  the American Mosquito Control Association (“AMCA”) celebrates its annual National Mosquito Control Awareness Week.   AMCA’s mission for “Mosquito Week” is to educate the general public about mosquito prevention.    Bite-Lite also encourages people to educate themselves and take precautions, offering a great solution-  its natural chemical free natural repellent candles for mosquito control.

From The American Mosquito Control Association Press Release MOUNT LAUREL, N.J–April 24, 2013-

The American Mosquito Control Association Offers Tips for Mosquito Control and Prevention:

     When those buggers are buzzing around, making grilling, pool time and wiffle ball impossible, think prevention!    Enjoy the outdoors this summer and stop the spread of mosquito-borne illness by following tips offered by the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) to prevent mosquito infestation and control an existing problem.   “In 2012, we witnessed a strong resurgence in cases of West Nile Virus, which had declined somewhat in recent years after peaking in 2003,” said AMCA Technical Advisor Joe Conlon.  “To ensure the safety of family, friends and pets, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re taking the proper steps: first, reducing mosquito breeding through water management and source reduction, and second, reducing adult mosquito populations.   ”Easy steps to take in any backyard include cleaning debris from rain gutters, filling drain puddles and ditches, changing bird bath water once a week and checking for trapped water in canvas or plastic tarps.

    If a mosquito problem already exists, AMCA recommends controlling adult mosquitoes through mosquito traps, space sprays and vegetation management.    Mosquitoes can also be kept out of the home by keeping windows, doors and porches tightly screened.

    “Eliminating standing water is probably the most important thing to remember when preventing or controlling mosquito problems.   Keep it in the back of your mind during all outdoor activities – even remember to irrigate lawns and gardens carefully to prevent water from standing for several days,” added Conlon.

    AMCA reminds the public to practice the THREE D’s of mosquito prevention — Drain, Dress and Defend:
    Drain: Empty out water containers at least once per week.
    Dress: Wear long sleeves, long pants, and light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
    Defend: Properly apply an approved repellent.

To read more about Mosquito Control Awareness Week visit

2013 Mosquito Season will be here before you know it.

There’s still lots of snow and cold weather to come in many parts of the country, but mosquito season will be here sooner than you think.   If you are a reseller of Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles, it is time to start thinking about placing your order for the upcoming season.   The warm weather and sunshine will be here before you know it, and that means mosquitoes will be here too.

Please give us a call TOLL FREE at 855-BITE-LITE (855-248-3548) if you have questions or need help with your order.   You can also fax in your order at 877-865-1048.   Retail shoppers can check for  Retailers near you or purchase on our  Products page. 

Free Halloween Wraps

Call today for your free wraps around your Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles!

A great way to highlight your doorstep or path to the haunted house!

CNN Health Report On West Nile Outbreak

Today’s report on CNN Health by Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen states that this season’s West Nile virus outbreak is the largest to date in the United States, with 1,118 reported cases, including 42 deaths. Most cases have occurred in Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and primarily in Texas, where  586 cases and 21 deaths have been confirmed.

Please read the entire article on CNN Health

Here is a summary 5 things you need to know about West Nile virus as outlined in the article:

  1. Most mosquitoes do not carry West Nile.   Only about one in 500 mosquitoes is infected, according to the Connecticut Mosquito Management Program.
  2. Most people (about 80%) bit by West Nile mosquitoes do not get sick.    
  3. People over 50 are most vulnerable.
  4. Seek medical care immediately if you have severe headaches or confusion.   If you develop symptoms of severe West Nile virus illness, such as unusually severe headaches or confusion, seek medical attention immediately.   Milder cases improve on their own.
  5. You can help prevent West Nile with the “four Ds:”
    1. Use mosquito repellent with DEET.
    2. Dress in long pants and long sleeves.
    3. Be especially careful at dusk and dawn.
    4. Drain any standing water, such as kiddie pools or bird fountains, where mosquitoes like to breed.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect yourself from mosquitoes.    Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles are scientifically proven natural repellents that will help keep mosquitoes from finding and biting you.

NBC News Item: New Diseases Carried By Mosquitoes

Mosquito born diseases have been around for awhile in other parts of the world, but we are seeing more cases in the United States.   See this video from NBC Connecticut for more about the Rock Pool Mosquito.   This aggressive “day-biter” is known to carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and Encephalitis.   How to protect your family and yourself?  Number one on the list is removing standing water from your yard and house – empty flower pots, basins, and any other areas where water can accumulate after a rain or when you irrigate your lawn.   To help repel mosquitoes, use Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles when you have outdoor events.  Their patent pending formula of natural essential oils has been proven effective in “Cloaking” you from mosquitoes – if mosquitoes can’t find you, they can’t bite you!  See The Science page for more information and our FAQ’s on how to use most effectively use our natural repellent candles.

If you have trouble viewing the video here, here is the direct link to the NBC Connecticut website:!/news/health/Mosquito-Threat/124433479%0A

View more videos at:

West Nile virus prompts new American Mosquito Control Association program

Any resident in the your area could be that One person infected by West Nile virus (WNV).    This threat has prompted the American Mosquito Control Association to develop an important program — “I’m One” — with the overarching goal of creating and sustaining awareness of the danger of WNV.   The program highlights the importance of community collaboration to reduce the threat of mosquito-borne disease.   By working together, your community can enhance mosquito control, personal protection, and prevention to improve the public health in the community.

It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to raise concern and threaten the community’s public health.  But through education and awareness programs, like the “I’m One” Program, your community can help protect and prevent WNV.   Several of the mosquito species that transmit WNV are short-range flyers, which means that most of these mosquitoes could be from your own backyard or a neighboring property.   To protect and prevent WNV, your community must collectively work to eliminate larval development sites, treat standing water, or begin a spraying program to reduce mosquito populations.   This is an excellent opportunity for communities to band together and win the war on mosquitoes.   The “I’m One” Program helps bring together WNV survivors to unify their voices and foster a central rallying cry around prevention of this disease.  The program includes a television public service announcement (PSA) with WNV survivors who know firsthand about the devastating effects of the disease. 

  Dr. Don Read, a physician and WNV survivor, supports the “I’m One” Program.   He said, “It’s important to have a forum to spread our message about mosquito control, personal protection, and prevention.   This is a very dangerous disease, and people need to do what they can to prevent it.”

How YOU Can Help

The American Mosquito Control Association has developed the I’m One Program Outreach Guide to help you to spread the word in your own community about mosquito control, prevention, and protection.