Thanking Our Customers for Another Great Year!

At this time of year, all of us at Bite Lite wish to express our gratitude for your support of our small family business.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best nature-inspired insect control products and customer service in 2022.

We wish you a Safe Holiday and a Healthy New Year!

What’s New with Bite-Lite Natural Mosquito Candles?

With 2020 production delays behind us due to Covid shutdowns last March, we at Bite-Lite® are excited to introduce our three new natural mosquito repellent candles for 2021.

We have been busy during the off season designing new vessels and wicks with our new U.S. candle manufacturer.   We hope you will be as excited as we are to bring in a new  tin candle that is larger than our previous tin.   We  have also created a new cylinder candle with two wicks that is more elegant and taller than our previous 3 wicks.   We are also bringing back our votives which we first manufactured in China and offered between 2011-2014, but until now we have not been able to produce it here in the U.S.  The new votive box will contain 6 votives.   And to complete our  2021 lineup, we will continue to offer our  U.S. made natural mosquito repellent Pint Jar candle, which has been a mainstay of our candle collection since 2014.    

No matter which mosquito candle strikes your fancy, all of our mosquito candles continue to feature our  proprietary and scientifically proven  Cloak and Scatter® technology with the highest percentage of active ingredients on the market (nearly 7 percent).    To repel mosquitoes, our natural formula of spearmint and lemongrass oils releases a fragrant scent into the air without the smoke or soot you experience when lighting regular citronella candles.  All of our candles are made here in the U.S. with premium soy wax containing 100% soybean oil wax. .  

We hope you will enjoying selecting the perfect mosquito for your backyard patio, picnic, and any other special outdoor event where mosquitoes are a nuisance.  

For best results, set at least two to three natural mosquito repellent candles around the area you want to protect.   Light the cotton wicks of your natural mosquito candle 20 to 30 minutes before sitting outside; this practice will begin the release of our active repellent ingredients from the interior pool of hot wax.   Ideal placement is at  ground level.  DEET free.


Bite-Lite® Has A New Candle Label Design

In addition to offering new candle vessels in 2021, we were inspired during the preseason to design new labels for our three new candles — the cylinder, votive, and tin.     We hope you are in love with them as much as we are!    

Our new labels have been designed with elegance and class in mind.  They have a simple and clean look, with a more neutral color palette to help enhance any decor.    

If you not quite ready to make the change, our 12 ounce natural mosquito repellent pints as well as our smaller 3.5 ounce  tin candles will still be available for purchase with our older labels until supplies last. 

But if you are ready, our new labels have a sophistication that will serve well at either a fancy event or just a barbeque.    For those who simply like the classiness of simple glass, our pint and cylinder candle labels have low tack glue that will easily peel off from the vessel!  

We would love your feedback about our new Bite-Lite natural mosquito repellent candle labels!  



New Bite-Lit® Natural Mosquito Repellent Tin Mosquito Candle Is 2.5 oz. Bigger

This year, Bite-Lite® has upped its game and redesigned its Natural Mosquito Repellent Tin Candle with more wax and a larger wick.  Our first USA made natural mosquito repellent Tin candle in 2013 was in a sturdy 3.5 ounce metal container and had a 20 hour burn time. The ever-popular natural mosquito repellent Tin candle has now been upgraded to  6 ounces.  The new size adds longer protection against unwanted pesky mosquitos and repels for up to 30 hours!   

Our  natural mosquito repellent Tin candle features the same reliable Cloak and Scatter® technology  that is blended in 100 percent soybean wax oil and that has been proven quite effective in repelling mosquitoes while smelling great at the same time!  Most importantly, our natural mosquito candle contains the highest active ingredients of  lemongrass and spearmint oil on the market, nearly 7 percent. 

Whether you are camping, fishing, backpacking, or just having a picnic in the park or at your backyard patio, our rugged natural mosquito Tin candle is perfect for easy transport and storage with a convenient metal lid.

For best results, light the lead free cotton wick 20- 30 minutes before sitting outside; this practice allows the active ingredients of natural oils  to begin releasing into the air from the interior pool of hot wax. While evaporating, these oils will fill the air with a pleasant lemony scent.  Unlike regular citronella candles, Bite-Lite® mosquito candles will not ruin your outdoor event with smoke or soot  while repelling mosquitoes.   For best results, use 2-3 candles placed 3-6 apart. Ideal placement is at ground level. DEET free.

Bite-Lite Brings Back Its Popular Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles

Back by popular demand in 2021!  Bite-Lite® first introduced its Natural Mosquito Repellent Votives to the market in 2011 with paraffin wax and production in China.  Our new U.S. candle manufacturer has risen to the occasion and designed our beloved votive candles with 100 percent soybean wax oil. 

The new  Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Votive Candle will now come in a 6 pack chipboard box.     Using your favorite cup holder, each votive will provide area protection up to 16 hours each.  Don’t let the size of these lightweight natural mosquito repellent candles fool you!  They are packed with the same great scent and the same active ingredients of  spearmint and lemongrass oils (nearly 7 %) as our larger Bite-Lite® candles while repelling biting mosquitoes as effectively.  Our patent pending Cloak and Scatter® technology has been proven to protect you based on field testing in the Florida swamps.   To learn more about our Repellency Evaluation, click here. 

Our Votive mosquito candles are perfect as a gift or for your own patio, deck, picnic, and other special outdoor events where mosquitos are present and smoke and bites are unwanted.  

Scientifically designed and tested, the active ingredients in our proprietary Cloak and Scatter® technology get released into the air without the smoke and soot of regular citronella candles.

For best results, light 20-30 minutes before you sit outdoors in order for the hot pool of wax to form and begin releasing the fragrance into the air.   Set all six candles about 3-6 feet apart around the area you wish to protect. Ideal placement is at ground level. Lead free cotton wicks. DEET free. 

New Bite-Lite Natural Mosquito Repellent Cylinder Candle Has 2 Wicks

Bite-Lite® is excited to present its new Natural Mosquito Repellent Cylinder Candle to open the mosquito season and help you repel biting mosquitoes!

Our 20 ounce Cylinder Candle has two lead free cotton wicks that will repel up to 65 hours.   If we do say so ourselves, it is an elegant addition to any outdoor table and a MUST HAVE for special events such as outdoor weddings and other stylish al fresco dining events where décor matters and mosquitoes may be present! 

The active ingredients of lemongrass and spearmint oils will add a wonderful fragrance to your outdoor sitting area.  Most importantly, our  fragrance contains the highest percentage of natural oils on the market, nearly 7 %, and has been field tested so we know it works.   To learn about our Repellency Evaluation, click here.   The double wicks are set in 100 percent soybean oil wax, and will  ensure that the cylinder wax will melt evenly to the edge of the glass vessel in order to obtain the fragrant wax pool for repellency to begin.  

For best results, set at least two to three natural mosquito repellent candles around the area you want to protect. We recommend you position your candles at ground level where mosquitoes begin biting, first at your ankles. Light the wicks of your natural mosquito candle about 20 minutes before sitting outside to begin releasing the active repellent ingredients from the interior pool of hot wax; this practice will begin to protect your area with our Cloak and Scatter technology.  

We hope you will find that this new natural mosquito candle is a perfect complement to any outdoor seating, and you will enjoy it as much as we loved creating it.   Should your outdoor event call for a more decorative look, our use of a low tack glue will allow you to peel off the side label of your mosquito candle.  U.S. Made. Deet free.

Good Wishes from Bite-Lite

All of us at Bite-Lite want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.  We would like to take a moment to thank you for your business in 2018 and hope that our nature inspired products exceeded your expectations and comfort levels throughout the season while reducing your particular bug populations.  We look forward to working with you in 2019 and the years to come.


Thank you for your business from Bite-Lite Nature Inspired Insect Control Products.

All of us at Bite-Lite want to thank you for your business in 2016, and hope that our nature inspired insect control products reduced the bites and presence of annoying pests.  

We wish you a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday and look forward to working with you in 2017. We’ll have plenty of inventory to meet your needs for reducing your populations of horse flies, mosquitoes, and indoor flies, wasps, and moths with our horse fly traps, mosquito repellents, and indoor fly traps. 

Bite-Lite to Help Sponsor Another Event for the Connecticut Food Bank to Help Hunger

For the second time this summer, Bite-Lite will support the Connecticut Food Bank in its latest fundraiser to help alleviate hunger in Connecticut. The event taking place on Sunday, August 14th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. is Hops for Hunger and there are a number of fun events planned for those attending the first annual event at the Two Roads Brewing Company at 1700 Stratford Avenue in Stratford.   

The attractions include the sampling of 11 local craft beers, food and wine from three local food trucks, lawn games, music by Radio Partner iHeart Radio, and a silent auction containing 17 items and four restaurant gift certificates at press time. Bite-Lite is donating its American made natural mosquito repellent candles and its new indoor insect light trap. Admission will cost $55 per person or $100 per couple, and tickets can be obtained in advance online or at the event. The price will also include beverages from the bar.

“This is a fun way to connect with us and support our hunger relief mission,” said Connecticut Food Bank Engagement Coordinator Kerri Burgerhoff. “Come for great beers and delicious food and be prepared to be tempted by auction items including scuba lessons, jewelry, Miranda Lambert concert tickets, fishing charters and more.” Burgerhoff said.

Burgerhoff said the Food Trucks already committed for the event include: The Meat Truck, a gourmet sandwich truck; Tipsy Cones, an ice cream truck featuring bartender style flavors; and Zuppardi’s Apizza, featuring New Haven style pizza.  Bite-Lite and TranSigma are Food Truck Row sponsors. 

“We are grateful to our sponsors and partners for helping to support the work of the Connecticut Food Bank,” Burgerhoff said. “Last year, with the help of donors across Connecticut, we were able to distribute enough food to our network of food assistance programs to provide more than 19.2 million meals.”

“The funds raised at Hops for Hunger will help us to continue providing the fresh, nutritious food that people need,” Burgerhoff said.  More than 35% of the food distributed last year by the Connecticut Food Bank was fresh produce. “Fresh, food, dairy products and frozen meat are important nutritionally for families and they are often out of reach for people who are food insecure. We are helping ensure healthier outcomes for people and helping children get the food they need to learn and grow.”

All proceeds will benefit the Connecticut Food Bank. Admission is limited to persons aged 21 or older and who show a photo ID.   More information is available at or contact [email protected].

About the Connecticut Food Bank:

The Connecticut Food Bank is committed to alleviating hunger in Connecticut by providing food resources, raising awareness of the challenges of hunger, and advocating for people who need help meeting basic needs. The Connecticut Food Bank partners with the food industry, food growers, donors, and volunteers to provide food, which last year provided 19.2 million meals. The organization distributes that food through a network of community based programs to six Connecticut counties – Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, and Windham counties – where more than 300,000 people struggle with hunger.  For more information, go to,, or follow @CTFoodBank on Twitter and Instagram.

Connecticut Food Bank’s Inaugural Road Race A Success

With 10 sponsors, including Bite-Lite, plus 225 preregistered runners, the Connecticut Food Bank raised $45,000 during its inaugural Meals for Miles road race on June 5th.  That amount will feed 4,500 people for a week, said the Food Bank’s Philanthropy Officer Cheryl Thompson.  Of those who registered, 216 finished the rainy 5K course in Norwalk, CT.  The other sponsors were Citizens Bank, DHL&S, Marcum, Edible Arrangements, Kings, 95.9 Fox, Home Serve, ANSAC, and Fairfield Living Magazine.

Bite-Lite Nature Inspired Insect Control Products intends to continue its philanthropy  with the Food Bank’s next summer event in August, Hops for Hunger.   We hope you’ll join us make the event a success for those in need of nutritious meals.

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