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Questions and Answers:

Q: How effective are mosquito misting systems? 

A: There are plenty of misting systems out there. Most use permethrin and are not recommended by mosquito control professionals (scientists and government control agencies) because they promote resistance. This means that the spray is put out at set times, and may not be applied when needed.  As a result, mosquitoes are not necessarily exposed to the chemicals at the right time and by the right method, allowing them to develop resistance.

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Q: Some manufacturers are advertising DEET Free mosquito repellent candles.  Are those the best to buy to prevent mosquitoes from biting?  

Children looking through microscopes to learn about nature and science. A: The extremely, short answer to your question is: “Yes, DEET Free mosquito repellent candles are “the best!”

Now, for the more in depth and scientific answer.   Buyer Beware!  ALL mosquito repellent candles are DEET Free!  DEET is not found in repellent candles or vaporizers at this time.   Advertising that a mosquito repelling candle is “DEET Free” can be misleading about the safety of DEET.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), DEET or N,N –Diethyl–meta–toluamide is the active ingredient in many insect repellent products (   It is widely used in many forms that are directly applied to human skin.   DEET is, currently, the most effective skin repellent that is used to prevent mosquito bites.   It is topically applied in many forms, including lotions, dry sprays, liquid sprays, and even towelettes.   Even though there have been a small number of reports of neurologic effects linked to the use of this chemical, in 2014 the EPA had re-reviewed all of the toxicology data that has been submitted, and has stated that DEET is safe to use.

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