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Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle Testimonials

We (the horses and I) are thrilled!

Hi, so the last two summers I caught around 1100 total [horse flies]. Since June 3rd, I have caught well over 550 (with the lures on the H-Trap)! …the lure – lured the flies to the H-Trap! The horses still get occasional bites and annoyances, but much less. And I noticed the flies don’t hover over them for very long but head towards the lure. We (the horses and I) are thrilled!
~ Kelly, Windham, VT

“Very effective!”

“These Bite-Lite natural mosquito repellent candles are not only great smelling but more importantly, they’re very effective! True, they are a little bit more expensive than some of the competing mosquito repellent candles on Amazon but they’re way more effective and that’s important to me because my daughter is highly allergic to mosquitoes. She literally refuses to go outside and enjoy the backyard with us because she ends up with huge welts from each mosquito bite (especially near her knees and other joints). It’s funny because no one gets as many bites as she does when we’re outside. Anyway, this product has helped us to be able to enjoy the outdoors with the entire family instead of our daughter feeling left out.”
~ an Amazon.com reviewer .

“I think this is an amazing product.”
“I live in St. Louis, MO where mosquitos are EVERYWHERE. The smell is awesome and I think it does work. It is pricey though. It can be purchased at ACE hardware- no shipping cost.”
~ Anonymous  (Amazon.com)

“Great Product.”
“I love the way it smells and burns. It seems to do a great job keeping mosquitoes away.”
~ Nick Burke, VA  (Amazon.com)

“Best outside candle I ever had.”
~ JP Bonsack (Amazon.com)

Bite-Free Nights.”  

“We are burning through our second batch of these great candles [Bite-Lite Outdoor Pack of five tins] after seeing them at the national hardware show.   We make a perimeter around our patio furniture and we can enjoy the evenings outside.   They also help chase away the flies.”
~  Edmond, OK (Amazon.com)

“I look forward to spending more summer evenings outside without dreading the consequences.”

“Last night was such a beautiful night to sit outside, but because I am a mosquito magnet, I was reluctant to do so.   I normally have to spray every part of me with bug spray in order to avoid being bitten.   I decided to finally try the Bite-Lite candles to see if it was possible to enjoy the outside without bug spray.   We were sitting on our deck which is approximately 12’ x 12’ with 1 tin, four small glass jars and l luminary all on the railing of the deck; and 1 luminary on the table we were sitting around.   We were outside from dusk to dark (8:00 – 9:30) and no one was bitten; even me!  These candles worked great for us.   I look forward to spending more summer evenings outside without dreading the consequences.”
~ Maureen Erickson, NY

“I believe I will be a customer for Life!”

“I was on a trip to Washington DC and we were at George Washington’s homestead.   They had a small garden shop and I purchased several of your candles at that time.   They are perfect for Texas.   Mosquitoes love our climate.  I believe I will be a customer for life.”
~ Dianne Crowder, TX

“Conclusion: We love our new Bite-Lites!

“Used our candles for the first time yesterday evening on the patio. My husband and I lit a small fire in our fire pit, and lit one large and one small Bite-Lite candle.   We were out for approximately 3 hours from early dusk to around 10:30 p.m. local time.

Neither he nor I received any mosquito bites, and we had even blown out the small candle as we figured the larger one was enough.   Our daughter, who spent the early part of the evening shooting basketball and not on the patio, ended up with 7 bites!!!    Conclusion: we love our new Bite-Lites.”
~ Shel Welker, OH

Celebrity holds natural mosquito repellent luminary at Oscar event. “This is perfect for me because mosquitoes get me every single time.”
“This is perfect for me because mosquitoes get me every single time – they love me and they bite me all up and down my arms.   Any piece of skin that is showing, they get ~ So NOT anymore!”
~ Candace Bailey, Host, Attack of the Show (holding a Bite-Lite Candle at Oscars’ 2012 Event at L’Hermitage Hotel.)


“ABCD Diaries gives Bite-Lite an A+!”

“What we thought:  Our Bite-Lite candle smelled wonderful and it was very pretty, something I happily added to our patio table.   It really keeps the mosquitoes away which is super important since we have those pesky insects pretty much year-round here on the Texas coast.   Now we can enjoy the later hours of twilight without worrying about getting eaten up by mosquitoes.   We have tried various citronella candles and we were really impressed with the results of our Bite-Lite review.   ABCD Diaries gives Bite-Lite an A+!”
~ Christin Banda, ABCD DIARIES, Bite-Lite Candle Review and Giveaway.

“Bite-Lite Candles are without a doubt, an essential outdoor must-have item!”

“Bite-Lite Candles are without a doubt, an essential outdoor must-have item.   We’ve had countless outdoor gatherings where we had to constantly shoo insects away.   Luckily, while the Bite-Lite candles burn, they also repel mosquitoes thanks to the Cloak and Scatter Technology, which originated at Bedoukian Research, Inc. in Danbury, CT.    Want to learn more?   Check out https://bite-lite.com to get your hands on these mosquito repellent candles.”
~  Markus Alexander, Contributor, Disarray Magazine, Hollywood, CA.


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