Not all natural repellents are created equal!

Not all natural repellents are created equal!

Like you, our interest is always piqued when we discover and learn about new insect repellent products, whether natural or not.   As our entomologist pointed out last summer on the Bite-Lite® website (See, we are all seeking that elixir for preventing mosquito bites.  

But not all natural repellent products are created equal!    At Bite-Lite®, we are proud of the fact that our five Natural mosquito repellent candles contain both active and inert ingredients of natural materials which meet the EPA's criteria exempting them from federal registration.    Plus, Bite-Lite applies and registers its natural repellents in the individual states that require registration of these “EPA exempt” products.    (Note: 39 states and the District of Columbia require these state registrations, which must be renewed annually, before any repellent product can be legally sold in that state.)

When shopping for natural repellents that are legal pesticides, read the label for either a federal EPA registration number or 25b exemption language and then inquire whether these products have state registrations.

For the most up to date links on EPA’s criteria for active and inert natural ingredients as well as general information on 25b minimum risk pesticides, see:


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