Price: $101.00 (set of 11 candles)



The Bite-Lite® Mosquito Attack Pack contains a mix and match assortment of four of our natural mosquito repellent candle styles.   No matter the size, these 11 natural mosquito repellent candles, including our U.S. made premium soy Tins and glass Pint Jars, contain the same scientifically proven active ingredients of our lemongrass and spearmint oil blend.  This variety of mosquito candles are perfect for any backyard or other outdoor event where mosquitoes are a nuisance.   This assortment of natural mosquito repellent candles is also a great housewarming present.   For best efficacy, light the candle wicks of your natural mosquito repellent candles 20 minutes before you plan to be outside and place the mosquito candles around the area you want to protect.   The Luminary mosquito candles contain paraffin wax.   The Tin and Pint Jar mosquito candles are made with soy wax.  Deet free.


Fluted Luminary (2)
Repel Time:  Up to 36 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 5” h x 4”
Net Weight: 8 oz. ea.
Candles Made in China
Mini Jar (1 pack of 4)
Repel Time: Up to 10 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 1.75” h x 2”
Net Weight: 1.5 oz. ea.
Candles Made in U.S.A
Premium Soy Tin (3)
Repel Time: Up to 20 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 1.875” h x 2.75”
Net Weight: 3.5 oz. ea.
Candles Made in U.S.A
Premium Soy Pint Jar (2)
Repel Time:  Up to 60 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 5” h x 2.5”
Net Weight: 12 oz. ea.
Candles Made in U.S.A.



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Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles