How do I use Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles?

For best results, it is important to light your natural mosquito candles about 20- 30 minutes before going outside.  This allows Bite-Lite’s patent pending Cloak and Scatter® technology to start protecting the area you will be occupying. The prominent active oils– natural spearmint and lemongrass– are released from our natural mosquito repellent candles through evaporation from the hot melted pool of wax that forms after the mosquito candle begins burning.   The sooner you start melting your candle, the sooner the oils will get released into the atmosphere. 

A good rule of thumb is to surround the perimeter of your intended occupied seating area with at least two to three natural repellent candles placed three to six feet apart.  The quantity and placement of these natural mosquito candles will depend on how active the mosquito population is at the time and how many people you are trying to protect.  All natural mosquito repellent candles are most effective when there is little or no wind.

Most mosquitoes rest during the day and come out at dusk. If you begin burning your natural mosquito repellent candles before you plan to sit outdoors or before the mosquitoes become active, the mosquitoes may move away from the space you are trying to protect and not find their way back easily when you go outside. Mosquitoes find you most easily if they are already close and can sense the carbon dioxide from your breath and your body heat.

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