New Retailers Stocking Bite-Lite Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles! Check It Out!

Ready or Not?  Spring is coming!   That is,  if we can get past the snow and the temperatures dropping below 0 degrees in some parts!   

Bite-Lite’s season is already beginning as we are stocking new inventory of our fragrant natural mosquito repellent candles and shipping cases out to meet the demands of our new and old retailers alike.     If you go to our Retailers page, you will find that nearly 110 new stores so far will be carrying our natural mosquito repellent candles.   And we added a new state, Rhode Island, to where our natural mosquito repellent candles can be purchased!

When you are ready to stock up for the mosquito season, remember Bite-Lite natural mosquito repellent candles may be already in stores near you!