Technical Specifications:

White Plastic with Black Top

161.5 sq. ft.

Weight: 2.21 lbs.

5.5” w x 10.75” h

Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Lamp Type: UV-A

Lamp Life:
9,000 hours

8 Watts


Warranty: Limited 1 Year

Glue Boards: 2

Cord: 6 ft. long

Fruit Fly Canister: 1

(Additional glue boards available, see below)


10 reasons to start using the Armadilha:

  1. In its free-standing or wall mounted position, the unit is an attractive addition to any decor. 
  2. It can be used in a wide variety of  indoor applications where silent trapping is required.
  3. The glue board is discreetly placed out of sight and is easy to replace from the top. 
  4. Plastic housing offers durability and cleanability.
  5. Effective coverage of areas up to 161.5 square feet.
  6. Easy to service with direct access to lamp, glue board, and starter.
  7. The heat entrapment design ensures that insects fly in faster.
  8. High powered and effective UV-A light source.
  9. Limited 1 year warranty.
  10. Perfect for home, offices, greenhouses, restaurants and anywhere there are nuisance house flies, stink bugs, wasps, moths, and fruit flies.


Bite-Lite Armadilha UV Light Fly Trap Killer of Indoor House Flies, Stink Bugs, Fruit Flies, and Other Small Flying Insects. Attractive Electric Fly Catcher Comes with 2 Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Boards

Bite-Lite brings pest control indoors with the introduction of the Armadilha Insect Light Trap.   What's in a name?   The word "armadilha" means "trap" in Portuguese. If you need to control indoor house flies, moths, wasps, stink bugs, and fruit flies in any residential or business setting, this attractive and modern designed unit is right for you.   The insect light trap can be set up either free standing or wall-mounted.   Either way, the heat optimized glue board is discretely placed out of sight and is a noiseless killer.   The Armadilha is easy to install, easy to service, and safe to use.  The unit is designed for indoor use only.   Our latest model now comes with two glue boards and a plastic canister that snaps in at the bottom of the lid.   Fill the canister with your own DIY solutions, including leftover or bad wine and any other sugary, fermented liquids or ripened fruit and vegetables to attract fruit flies.

For best results, locate the Armadilha away from unshaded windows, door lights or transoms, and indoor lighting during the day.  If the trap is too close to a natural or artifical light source, we have found that it will compete with them and will be less effective in attracting your nuisance indoor flies.   At night, however, flying insects will be looking for both light and food sources, which makes our trap a beacon if it is the exclusive light source and will do the work while you are sleeping!   Also keep in mind that indoor pests have distinctive flying patterns.   As a result, experiment with the trap's height placement, including ground level for stink bugs, in particular, and higher for house flies.

If you have questions about where to place your Armadilha or need integrated pest managment tips to supplement your catches of nuisance indoor  flies, call or email us.   

To learn more about fruit flies, their habits, habitats, and their speedy breeding capabilities visit

 (see below for additional glue boards and replacement canisters)

Armadilha Replacement Glue Boards: (Package of 10 boards)

Armadilha Replacement Canisters:
(2 canisters)

Replacement Light Bulb: 




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