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Good Wishes from Bite-Lite
on Friday, December 21 2018
All of us at Bite-Lite want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.  We would like to take a moment to thank you for your business in 2018 ...
Thank you for your business from Bite-Lite Nature Inspired Insect Control Products.
on Thursday, December 22 2016
All of us at Bite-Lite want to thank you for your business in 2016, and hope that our nature inspired insect control products reduced the bites and presence of annoying pests.&...
Bite-Lite to Help Sponsor Another Event for the Connecticut Food Bank to Help Hunger
on Wednesday, August 3 2016
For the second time this summer, Bite-Lite will support the Connecticut Food Bank in its latest fundraiser to help alleviate hunger in Connecticut. The event taking place on Sunday, August 14...
Bite-Lite Savings Online Through 4th of July
on Thursday, June 30 2016
  With the barbeques and fireworks going during the 4th of July festivities and remaining summer events, the mosquitoes, horse flies, and other insect pests will be buzzing around too.&...
Taking the Bite Out of Father's Day!
on Wednesday, June 15 2016
Bite-Lite has the best way to protect the ones you love with its nature inspired insect control products.   As a way to help you celebrate Father's Day, Bite-Lite ...

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Bug Barometer Readings Predict a Buggy Season
on Sunday, April 16 2017
Get your repellent sprays and mosquito candles ready!   It looks to be a buggy spring and summer.   Greater numbers of mosquitoes, ticks, and other nuisance insects are expected based ...
Doing Your Part to Help Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Areas at Your Home and Business
on Monday, April 25 2016
If it isn't already one, the following should be a maxim: It is just as easy to find breeding spots for mosquitoes as to eliminate them! While Zika virus has captured the news ...
To Be or Not to Be Attracted to Mosquitoes!
on Tuesday, April 28 2015
In the science world, it has been a well-known fact that some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.   Mosquitoes, using their antennas, choose who they bite based on how ...
Genetically Modified Mosquito Control- Future Reality in US?
on Monday, March 2 2015
The Food and Drug Administration could soon approve a field trial for releasing several million genetically modified male mosquitoes in a small enclave in the Florida Keys, according to the New York Times ...
Not all natural repellents are created equal!
on Thursday, January 29 2015
Not all natural repellents are created equal! Like you, our interest is always piqued when we discover and learn about new insect repellent products, whether natural or not.   As our entomologist ...

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Holiday Wishes
on Friday, December 20 2019
All of us at Bite-Lite wish you the very best this holiday season. We greatly appreciate your continued confidence in our nature inspired insect control products, and thank you for ...
Bite-Lite® Mosquito Candles Named to Top 25 Hardware Products in the U.S.
on Saturday, May 17 2014
Industry Edge, the official online news voice of the National Hardware Show, named Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles one of 25 products to sell across the country.   ...
Bite-Lite® Candles- 1 of 4 Novel Products to Battle Against the Bugs
on Friday, September 20 2013
Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles were one of four “novel products” listed by the Tribune Newspapers in a special feature called Tools to Battle Against the Bugs. &...
“Mosquito-repellent candles that actually work!”
on Friday, July 12 2013
Here’s an article that appeared on the San Antonio Express News September 26th, 2013 that we want to share with you.   Columnist Emily Spicer gives Bite-Lite Candles ...
Bite-Lite® at the 2013 Grammy's
on Thursday, February 14 2013
Bite-Lite® Candles at the Grammy's Red Carpet Event! Grammys Poster Photos left to right starting at Top: Shauna Case, TV series “Incredible Crew”; Porscha Coleman, Actress/Singer; ...
Bite-Lite® Natural Repellents- The Test Of Time
on Wednesday, February 13 2013
This evening, the Grammy’s paid tribute to several great artists who have achieved a timeless quality to their music.  Great music becomes classic by rising above current ...

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Free Shipping with Launch of New Bite-Lite Website Plus Special Discount of New U.S.A. Pack Through July 4th
on Wednesday, June 24 2015
Bite-Lite is proud to announce the launch of its new website today!   It features an even more responsive website than before which will allow us to provide you ...

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