Fluted Luminary (2)
Repel Time:  Up to 36 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 5” h x 4”
Net Weight: 8 oz. ea.
Made in China

Mini Jar (1 pack of 4)
Repel Time: Up to 10 hrs. ea.
Dimensions: 1.75” h x 2”
Net Weight: 1.5 oz. ea.
Candles Made in U.S.A

Price: $52.99 (set of 6 candles) 



With our Perfect Patio Pack, you can surround you and your loved ones with  Bite-Lite's great smelling natural mosquito repellent Luminary and votive candles.    This assortment of natural repellents contain two handmade fluted Luminaries as well as nine Votives.   For backyard protection without smoke associated with standard citronella candles, gather your favorite votive holders and alternate them with our handmade fluted Luminaries for a beautiful and fragrant evening setting.    Reuse your Luminaries once the inside active ingredients have burned down by saving some Votives for placement with a votive holder inside of each  Luminary.   Both natural mosquito repellent candle products contain Bite-Lite's® proprietary Cloak and Scatter® technology with natural lemongrass and spearmint oils.   The handmade Luminaries are also scented with a hint of vanilla.   For best efficacy, light the cotton wick of your natural mosquito repellent candles 20 minutes before you plan to be outside and place them around the area you want to protect.    Both natural mosquito candle products are made in China.  Deet free.



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Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles