Repel Time: Up to 36 hrs.
Dimensions: 5” h x 4”
Net Weight: 8 oz.
Candle Made in China
Price: $21.99 ea.


NATURAL Mosquito Repellent Fluted Luminary Candle

The Bite-Lite® natural fluted Luminary mosquito repellent candle is an elegant addition to any outdoor table and a MUST HAVE for special events such as outdoor weddings and other elegant al fresco dining events where décor matters when mosquitoes are present. Made with paraffin wax, this beautiful  natural mosquito candle stands five inches tall, and repels without smoke unlike standard citronella candles.   The exterior wax of the mosquito candle is handmade and the interior wax and ingredients are hand poured, providing a radiance from top to bottom.    Light the cotton wick of your mosquito candle 20 minutes before sitting outside to allow the active ingredients of natural oils (nearly 7 %, the highest on the market) to begin releasing from the interior pool of hot wax.  This practice will fill the air with a pleasant scent of natural lemongrass and spearmint oils while repelling mosquitoes at the same time.   With this natural mosquito repellent candle, you will smell a hint of vanilla which we added as an inert ingredient.   When not in use, the unlit and cooled Luminary mosquito candle should be taken indoors so it will keep its beautiful exterior shape.   Truly a green product since the Luminary natural mosquito candle can be used again and again even after the original repellent and wax burn down by setting a smaller Bite-Lite natural mosquito candle (tin, mini jar, votive) inside the candle’s cavity.   For best results, set at least two to three natural mosquito candles around the area you want to protect.   Purchase these mosquito candles while supplies last. Made in China.  Deet free.



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Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles